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  The general rule of thumb is to replace them every three months. However, this can vary depending on how often you play, the type of golf ball you use and the environment you play in. If you play a lot of golf, or if you play in a particularly moist or dirty environment , then you may need to replace your golf balls more often. The type of golf ball you use can also affect how long they last. For example, a harder ball like a Pro V1 will last longer than a softer ball like a Titleist NXT. Do golf balls go bad The answer to this question is a little bit ambiguous. Technically speaking, golf balls don't "go bad" in the same way that, say, milk does. However, they can start to lose their bounce and distance over time, which means they may not perform as well on the course. So, if you're not sure whether your golf balls need to be replaced or not, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on them and replace them when they start to lose their bounce and distance. What is t